Users are able to download PAG query results from PAGER-3 or download PAGER-3 PAGs in .gmt format.

  1. Query Download

    You can download your queried PAGER-3 search result PAGs as an excel, .csv, or pdf file by clicking on any of the three boxes above the PAGER-3, you can also copy and paste the content, or print the table:

    Step 1: Click on the box above search results with the file format you prefer:

    Step 2: Downloading the above query example as an excel file, we see our PAGER-3 results now in excel format:

  2. PAGER-3 Download

    You can download the files of PAGER-3 PAGs in '.gmt' format below and repurpose for enrichment analysis using GSEA software when you agree to the usage terms.

    The GMT file format is a tab delimited file format that describes gene sets. In the GMT format, each row represents a PAG. The first column is PAG identifier, the second column is PAG link and the third and left columns are PAG genes. You can see an example of the PAG '.gmt' below.


    For a description of the general GMT file format, please click and see the Data Formats .

    Download the PAGs by clicking on the links Below the "Download PAGs GMT Files" headings.