GO:0061663 molecular_function NEDD8 ligase activity

PAG Title GO:0061663 molecular_function NEDD8 ligase activity
PAG ID TAX028531
Type A
Source Link GOA
Publication Reference NA
PAG Description Catalysis of the transfer of NEDD8 to a substrate protein via the reaction X-NEDD8 + S --> X + S-NEDD8, where X is either an E2 or E3 enzyme, the X-NEDD8 linkage is a thioester bond, and the S-NEDD8 linkage is an isopeptide bond between the C-terminal amino acid of NEDD8 and the epsilon-amino group of lysine residues in the substrate.
Species Homo sapiens
Quality Metric Scores nCoCo Score: 0
Information Content Poor
Other IDs GO:0061663
Base PAG ID TAX028531
Human Phenotyte Annotation
Curator PAGER curation team
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