Release News

10/22/2020 update:
    • Add function in caching PAG results for speeding up the possible retrieval with the same parameter sets.
    • Add multi-selections of PAG sources in the PAG "Result Filters".
    • Update the "Navigating" page by creating a new tab for a "PAG" page and allow users to check back the result page.
10/20/2020 update:
    • Modify PAGER-MsigDB C5 category PAGs by breaking down the contents of PAG names and shifting extra information to PAG descriptions.
    • Add description for the PAG 'FAX000922'.
09/20/2020 update:
    • Fix the bug of seperated hyperlink of the PAG names in PAGER-MsigDB, e.g. Genes up-regulated in comparison of untreated macrophages versus those treated with IL1 and IL6[GeneID=3569].
09/16/2020 update:
    • update php's infrastructure for loading PAGs whose gene member size larger than 3,000. e.g.
09/10/2020 update:
    • Replace the source name 'PAGER−GOA_EXCL' by 'PAGER−GOA_AGG'.
08/03/2020 update:
    • Added 12 additional PAGs curated from literature.
    • Added 8,560 additional PAGs curated from PAGER 2.0.
06/28/2020 update:
    • Added 259 PAGs curated from literature.
    • Added 1,455 PAGs curated from PAGER 2.0.
    • Added 1,549 PAGs curated from PubChem pathways.