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C2MAP: Disease specific drug to gene association.
DMAP: Chemicals (include drugs) to protein directly interaction.
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(Example: Alzheimer, Parkinson, Colon cancer, Lung Cancer )

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How to cite our database

Hui Huang, Thanh Nguyen, Sara Ibrahim, Sandeep Shantharam, Zongliang Yue and Jake Y Chen, DMAP: a connectivity map database to enable identification of novel drug repositioning candidates BMC Bioinformatics. Vol. 16, Supplement 13, S4, 2015

Hui Huang, Xiaogang Wu, Ragini Pandey, Jiao Li, Guoling Zhao, Sara Ibrahim, Jake Y. Chen (2012) C2Maps: A network pharmacology database with comprehensive disease-gene-drug connectivity relationships BMC Genomics. Vol. 13, Supplement 6, S17, 2012

The current C-Maps web server is version 2.2
Latest updated : April. 15, 2011
First created : Dec. 20, 2007
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