• WIPER: Weighted in-path edge ranking for biomolecular association networks

  • WIPER (Weighted in-Path Edge Ranking) is a new computational technique to help biomedical researchers prioritize both statistically and biologically significant biomolecular associations in disease-specific biomolecular association networks. (Read more)
  • web services

  • The web service is under construction, we will release it once been tested to be fully functional. However, we have provide the API service as follows.
  • API services

  • You can access the service using R, python, or other third party software (postman) using "post" method.
  • The simple access using python codes as follows:
  • import requests
    import json
    class WiperApi():
    def __init__(self):
    self.postContent = dict()
    self.result = ''
    def get_result(self,**kwargs):
    self.postContent = kwargs['postContent'] if 'postContent' in kwargs.keys() else ''
    r = requests.post('http://discovery.informatics.uab.edu/WIPER/index.php/pages/wiperApi', data = self.postContent)
    self.result = json.loads(r.text)
    wiper = WiperApi()
    wiper.get_result(postContent = {"interaction": 'a b 0.9 b c 0.9 c a 0.9',"sigma": "0.8","ppicutoff": "0.1","pathLengthCutoff":"10","method": "ant","iteration": "2"})

    The simple access using R codes as follows:

    contnt <- list(
    interaction='a b 0.9 b c 0.9 c a 0.9',
    req <- httr::POST("http://discovery.informatics.uab.edu/WIPER/index.php/pages/wiperApi",
    json <- httr::content(req, as = "text")
    WIPERresult=fromJSON(json, flatten = TRUE)

    WIPER's Parameters:
    Parameters Description
    Interaction A list of the edges consists of "nodeA", "nodeB", and "edge confidant score". The elements and edges are seperated by space.
    Sigma A damping factor is in a range of [0,1] to determine the probability of probability of a node continue in an information flow.
    PPIcutoff The threshold of edge confidant score is in a range of [0,1] to remove the lower confidant (protein protein interactions) PPIs and traversal paths.
    Method "ant" represents the ant colony algorithm described in the paper "WIPER: Weighted in-path edge ranking for biomolecular association networks".
    'page' represents a page-rank algorithm
    pathLengthCutoff The default path length cutoff is infinity. Only those traversal path length no larger than the path length cutoff will be considerated in the edge-to-edge network.
    Iterations The default iteration is 200 in the paper method.