About Us

Primary group:
  • Zongliang Yue (Database implementation, website design and data integration)
  • Qi Zheng, Ph.D.(Pubmed API structure)
  • Michael Neylon (Matrix visulization and website design)
  • Thanh Nguyen (Data analysis on Version 1)
  • Yuanjie Jin, Ph.D.(Database implementation)
  • Chayaporn Suphavilai (Database design and website design on Version 1)
  • Liugen Zhu, Ph.D.(Network vusualization)
  • Madhura Kshirsagar (Database implementation)
  • Jake Y. Chen, Ph.D. (Principle Investigator)
Collaborator group:
  • Aik Choon Tan, Ph.D. (Co-Principle Investigator)
  • Minjae Yoo, M.S. (Data integration and analysis)
  • Jimin Shin, M.S. (Data integration and analysis)
Supporting group:
  • CCTS: Jelai Wang

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