About Us


      Principle Investigator:
      • Jake Y. Chen, Ph.D. (Data Curation)
      Team Members:
      • Nishant Batra (UI)
      • Son Dang (Data Collection)
      • Sunny Khurana (UI)
      • Clark Xu (Data Collection, Data Curation and UI)
      • Zongliang Yue (Database Construction, Data Integration, Data Curation and UI)
      • Eric Zhang (Data Curation and UI)


    • This project is in part supported by NIH grant awards 3UL1TR003096-02, U01CA223976, and startup grant funding to Dr. Jake Y. Chen. We thank Mr. Jelai Wang from UAB Informatics Institute for supporting the web and overall computing architecture for this work, Mr. Hiren Desai from UAB Information Technology groups for supporting the backend Oracle database 19c management, and Dr. Min Gao for allowing us to use a preprocessed COVID-19 functional genomics data set for building the case study in the manuscript.

    Cite PAGER-CoV:

    Contact Us

    • If you have questions or comments about the database contents, please email Dr. Jake Chen, jakechen@uab.edu.
    • If you need any technical support, please email Zongliang Yue, zongyue@uab.edu.
    • Our lab: AI.MED Laboratory, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Link: http://bio.informatics.uab.edu/